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Course Descriptions


A Day in the Life of a Warehouse Manager

This is not a how-to-run a warehouse course. It is our only one-day seminar. It is designed to offer a high-level understanding of the operation and its effect upon corporate finances, sales and customer service and it offers solutions to everyday issues. 

This is a great primer for sales and marketing and other personnel who want to better understand the warehouse environment and process as a critical part of the overall supply chain.  Program agenda includes the role of the warehouse manager, role of the warehouse facility, collaboration between supervision and facility, problems that exert the most pressure and how to minimize them,  It looks at invoking practical measurements and performance enabling technologies.  Complete presentation materials are provided for you to take with you.  It's a great kick-start session to stimulate business process improvement ideas in the warehouse management area.

Fundamentals of Warehouse Management

Topics include: How to identify the precise problems that are most troublesome in your warehouse, cost-cutting, productivity improvement, and cost-effective measures for your warehouse, the most important concepts in the warehousing/distribution field today and its emerging role, how to layout your warehouse for good space utilization, material handling compatibility, and optimum efficiency, which equipment best suits your particular operations for storage and handling, practical techniques for improving your day-to-day warehouse operations, and how to develop a balance between warehouse service level and your customers’ needs

Computerizing the Warehouse Operation

If your company is thinking about installing location, barcode, RF or Warehouse Management system, or wants to see whether a system would work for you, this is the seminar to take. We don't sell software, we bring facts and enlightenment and help you decide whether to go forward.

You will learn the capabilities, benefits, and disadvantages of using a Warehouse or location management system and whether Radio Frequency operations will work for you. You will explore the planning, implementation, and training requirements. We will show you how to create a complete ROI for your company to help you determine whether a WMS would be cost effective for you. Since we don't sell anything here, this is an ideal environment to explore the possibilities without having to endure the sales calls. It doesn't get any better than this!

Fundamentals of Traffic Management

A great introduction to the world of traffic and transportation for the newly assigned individual but also a refresher for the seasoned professional.

Covers global issues using all modes of transportation, truck, train, vessel, and air. Advises on transportation contracts, use of forwarders and brokers, freight claims, packaging, inbound and outbound freight cost containment, the importance of sales and freight terms to the enterprise, and internal organizational issues.

Advanced Traffic Management Techniques

For the current Traffic and Logistics professional, this course adds new insights, ideas, tips, and techniques to his or her toolbag. Consider new strategies, processes, and measurements to save time and money in the enterprise.

With an in-depth look at domestic and international logistics, this course concentrates on using 3PL's, SCOR and its KPI's, Supply Chain software and technology, e-commerce and e-logistics, documentation, financial, and licensing issues, and the overall contribution that logistics adds to the enterprise.

Import/Export Distribution in 2005 and Beyond

In todays global economic we buy, source, manufacture, store, ship, and sell components, packaging supplies and finished goods around the world. We operate multiple complex supply chains and partner with dozens of trading partners. This seminar evaluates all issues surrounding quality, costs, systems, performance measurements and techniques, logistics options, financial considerations, and customer delight enhancement. This is truly the seminar for today!

Computerizing the Traffic Function

This seminar is particularly timely. The transportation function is the last major area in a company to be considered for "automation". Many companies have realized that this function represents the last bastion of opportunity to cut costs. We will review each function of a typical traffic operation and will define the ways in which specially designed computer software will assist the process of choosing the best carrier for the service level and rate requirement, how it can assist in the processing freight payments, claims and audit. Collect enough data automatically to analyze your operations to save tens of thousands of dollars.

Bar Code and RF Applications: Today’s MUST HAVE Tool

Bar Code usage is practically mandatory. Use it for Everything! It's cost effective, competitive, accurate, and, if your customers don't require it now, they will shortly. This course explores ALL it's uses!

From the warehouse to the traffic department to customer service to finance to manufacturing and operations, bar code usage is everywhere. To get a good feel for all the possibilities, you must attend this course. We will give you ideas that you never thought possible. We will see what your competitors are doing. We will review the various mandatory implementations for international sales, shipping, and security. For the sake of your future business, you must attend this seminar.

Logistics: A Competitive Weapon in the Supply Chain !

For managers responsible for any aspect of the supply chain; CFO, Sales and Marketing, Distribution, Traffic, Purchasing, Operations, and Customer Service, this presents an eye opening overview of how logistics in the Supply Chain is the driving force behind success!

This seminar offers extensive overviews of how sourcing, distribution, manufacturing, inventory control, logistics, delivery, customer service, third parties, trading partners, and customers can affect the overall operation and competitive stance of the enterprise. It offers a look at the supply chain not available anywhere else. You future depends upon understanding this complex environment. We bring it to you!

How to Manage Employees in a Distribution Environment

Learn how to schedule work, how to make your workers want to work, how to delegate effectively, and even how to capture the attention and respect you need from upper management. You will also learn how to improve productivity, boost morale, prioritize work demands, solve labor/management conflicts effectively, and how to reflect the work of your department in a positive light


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